The Villas

We spent our lives both operating and enjoying fabulous hotels and as fabulous a luxurious room can be, we never felt it is the right place to truly relax; to spend a week or two switching off from the world. It is nice to have that little extra space, to have a separate bedroom to allow your partner to sleep in, to have a kitchen to be able to prepare a light snack when you feel like it, to have the privacy of a large terrace and your own garden.

All of our 5 villas are free-standing and fully self-contained; ideally suited for a long weekend as well as for an extended vacation. The contemporary design respects simplicity and functionality without compromise on luxury and comfort; providing a genuine sense of place was one of our key goals in the design process.

The villa’s location guarantees a wonderful view over an abundance of paddy fields as well as the blue waters that are surrounding the outlaying islands. All our villas offer ceiling fans in the bedrooms, living room and veranda and air conditioning in the bedroom

Each villa is about 50 square meter (or 550sf) and feature bedroom, living room with integrated kitchen, bathrooms with indoor/outdoor shower and a large veranda overlooking the Andaman Sea.

And being hoteliers, we not only provide the amenities of a hotel (shampoo, soap, purified water, high quality linen and terry) and distraction from the abundant nature in the form of Satellite TV and free Wifi; we also stock the kitchen with appliances, utensils, chinaware and all (and we are happy to stock your fridge with your personal shopping list so everything is ready for your arrival ...