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Eat, drink & relax.

Ranis Lodge would not be complete without our own little Al Fresco eatery - The Balai.

We utilize the lands of Ranis Lodge to plant our own fruits, vegetables and herbs which are incorporated in our cooking. Furthermore, we also keep a large flock of native chickens that provide us with a constant supply of freshly laid eggs for your breakfast.

The breakfast menu is a reflection of our journeys and can be tailor-made to your tastes and desires

The Balai is also available for group dining. Please contact us and we'll be happy to discuss both local and international dinner menu offerings.

The Balai Breakfast Menu

  • Toasts
    jam | butter

  • American Breakfast
    two eggs any style | sautéed potatoes with herbs | lamb sausages | tomato

  • Healthy Breakfast
    Ranis style breakfast cereals | seasonal fruits

  • Pancakes
    rustic banana-coconut crepes

  • Malaysian Breakfast
    roti canai | poached egg | curry

  • Tea or Coffee
Menu Last Updated March, 2018